What my clients have said about their experience of counselling during  their review sessions when they are asked how they feel counselling has helped them. 



"Counselling has helped me to really understand who I am and why I see things the way I do. It has changed my outlook for the better"

(MD - March 20)


"I recommend counselling to anyone, even if you think your problems are something you should deal with alone, I cannot stress enough how much coming and talking about them can transform life."

(BC - July 20)


"Thank you Eve, I cant express my gratitide enough, you have helped me so much these past months, and I now know I carry my own inner therapist with me wherever I go."

(RW - May 20)


"Well, what can I say other than a truly heartfelt thank you. Our short journey has changed my life."

(DS - July 2020)



"I wish I had done this years ago, if only I had known how helpful this would be. Thank you so much."

(AM - Sep 20)


"Thank you so much for your patience and kindness, even the gentle way you never let me hide from myself. I needed it."

(LJ - Dec 20)


"Counselling has given me back my freedom, and empowered me to explore myself"

(GT - Feb 21)


"The process of counselling has completely changed my life! It has given me a safe place to explore things I have been afraid and confused about. It's been an exceptional journey." (LF - June 2021)